Suspected hacker of government site to be questioned over new evidence


BANGKOK, 15 May 2013 Officials revealed that the first suspect called in for interrogation over the hacking of the Prime Minister’s Office website had hacked into the site a few days before offensive messages and photographs referring to the prime minister were placed on the site. 

Police Major General Phisit Pao-in, commander of the Technological Crime Suppression Division, has disclosed that he is calling in Narongrit Suksan, the suspected hacker of the website who was already questioned by police last week, in order to extract further information. The move comes in response to police findings that Narongrit’s computer was used to hack into the site 3 days prior to the malicious attack. The earlier hack did not involve any tampering with data on the website. However, the hacking method was distributed to other hackers; this may have allowed others to exploit the knowledge.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Phisit indicated there were 2 hacking groups involved: Step Hack and Unlimited Hack Team. The two were competing to see which was the more capable hacking group.

The police however were not able to contact Narongrit, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Phisit asserted that an arrest warrant would be promptly issued if the man did not show up for questioning.