Govt supports singing careers for blind people


The Social Development and Human Security Minister has disclosed that the government’s career support program for visually impaired people is aimed at helping them earn a better living.


Speaking during the weekly program known as ‘Thailand Moves Forward’, Social Development and Human Security Minister, Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew said music experts from major media conglomerates including True, Grammy and RS, had been invited to join the program to provide musical training for 50 blind people.

They were chosen from 800 visually impaired singers performing in public places to make money across the country. It is one of the government’s efforts to ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

One of the individuals selected, Nopporn Praemuang, expressed his gratitude towards the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security for giving him a chance to develop a singing career. He also urged ordinary people to show their appreciation for the musical talent of other blind people making a living by singing on the streets.