800 year old castle in Korat restored


An 800-year-old castle in Khon Buri district, Nakhon Ratchasima province is going to become a new tourist attraction after undergoing a 10-month restoration.


South Khon Buri sub-district Mayor, Somchart Dejdon complimented the restorers on the beauty of the ancient castle during a follow-up inspection. The renovation was carried out by the Department of Fine Arts.

He said Khon Buri residents were pleased to learn that the castle had been successfully restored, adding that he expected to see a high number of tourists at the site which is located inside Ban Khon Buri Nakhon Thammakosit Wittayakarn School.

It is believed that the castle, commonly known as Prasart Khon Buri, was built during the reign of King Chai Woraman VII some 800 years ago. It also served as a hospital to treat sick pilgrims traveling through the town to attend religious ceremonies in other cities.