Govt holds forum to promote energy stability


Bangkok – The National Research Council of Thailand has held a forum to promote concerted efforts in energy research with commercial applications.

Deputy Prime Minister ACM Prajin Juntong spoke at the event, “CEO Forum: Electricity R&I Challenge in the 21st Century,” saying energy stability is one of the government’s main strategies for boosting economic prosperity. He asserted that energy security supports a competitive, value-added economy.

The government’s strategy aims to encourage the production and service sectors to add value through research and innovation, in order to boost the sectors’ growth rates from the current average of 5% per year. It also focuses on ensuring energy security by using technologies that are domestically available to produce a variety of energy sources to meet demand, reducing the Kingdom’s reliance on imports and becoming more environmentally friendly.

The forum also showcases innovations such as a reversible wind turbine, a reflector to illuminate roads, and equipment for safely repairing high-voltage power lines, without having to turn off the power supply.