Government sets up war room to administer flood relief


Bangkok – The government is to set up a war room for assistance to flood victims. The service is to be provided in a systematic and consistent manner able to keep the people continually informed with information from all relevant agencies.

Thiraphat Prayoonsit, the permanent secretary-designate of the Prime Minister’s Office, chaired a meeting to initiate the setting up of the war room which is scheduled to officially open on September 23.

The war room will monitor the delivery of all financial donations and follow up on the repair of houses and restoration of farmland damaged by recent floods. Money donated by the private sector and individuals has so far totaled over one billion baht.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said the money donated for victims of natural disasters has strict protocols to follow and cannot be handed out without prior examination. He admitted the government’s assistance measures are slow due to such mechanisms but officials are working to improve the situation and ensure that relief is administered in a timely and efficient manner.