Government to prosecute Loei resort for illegal use of land


Loei, 5th September 2018  – Officials in Loei province have seized 19 rai from Rungyen Resort over illegal land ownership and is preparing a 600-million-baht lawsuit.

Director of the Forest Protection and Fire Control Bureau Cheewapap Cheewatam, has led officials from the Royal Forest Department and related agencies on an inspection of Rungyen Resort in Phu Ruea district, following complaints that the title deed for the land in question had been illegally obtained.

Officials found that the resort had gained ownership rights over national park land through illegal means and had built a private reservoir that has prevented the public from using the nearby stream.

The Royal Forest Department is now in the process of assessing the environmental damage to the surrounding area, in order to build a civil and criminal case against the resort. Preliminary surveys have estimated a claim of at least 600 million baht in damages.