Water level in Mekong River declines slightly


Nong Khai, 5th August 2018 – Overflow from the Mekong River in Nong Khai province continues to flood nearby farmlands, forcing farmers to move their equipment and tools to higher ground.

More than 3,000 rai of farmland used by 400 farming families still remains inundated in three meter-deep flood waters in Ponsipai district. Despite the declining level of water in the Mekong River in Nong Khai at present, heavy rain and the arrival of a water mass from Loei province could raise the water level again.

Water pumps are being used to lessen the inundation in the municipality around the clock, and to prevent further flooding while the Mekong River continues to overflow its embankments.

In Khon Khaen province, local residents have been warned of further heavy rain due to the impact of a low pressure trough in Laos and a south westerly wind in the South of Thailand. People living near the Mekong River are urged to stay updated on the flood situation for their own safety.

In Petchaburi province, Ban Laem District Chief Sritham Ratchakaew, has accompanied a group of local civil servants to Tha Raeng sub-district to use effective micro-organisms (EM) to treat waste water in water-logged farmland, after the flood waters could not be directed into waterways fast enough.