Government promotes use of diesel B10


BANGKOK – The government continues to promote the use of diesel B10 to support palm oil farmers and to prevent oil smuggling.


The Energy Minister, SontiratSontijirawong, together with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PTT Public Company Limited, ChansinTreenuchagron, joined an activity to encourage motorists to use diesel B10 and to assure the quality of biodiesel B10. Air fresheners were presented to motorists as a New Year’s gift at the PTT station on VibhavadiRangsit Road, Bangkok.

The Energy Minister said Thailand is the first country to maintain the stability of palm oil, which is used to support biodiesel production. Diesel B10 can help generate more income for palm oil farmers. The government expects motorists to use 30 million to 40 million liters of diesel B10 per day by mid-2020. The government has set the target at 57 million liters a day.

Diesel B10 is a standard fuel that supports energy sustainability in Thailand. It stabilizes palm oil prices, reduces diesel consumption and lowers PM2.5 levels in big cities. Diesel B10 helps reduce costs for vehicle owners, and is of superior quality.