Government Lottery Office plans to offer 100 million baht Jackpot


Bangkok – The Government Lottery Office is proposing both two and three-digit lotteries with a 100 million baht jackpot, and it wants the new government to take the suggestion into consideration.

The Lottery Office could be ready to begin the new lottery in two months time if the government approves it. But the issue of Lotto online would take more time. Prizes in the two and three-digit lottery would account for 60% of total sales of lottery tickets, while 23% would go into state coffers and 17% would cover the additional expenditure by the Government Lottery Office.

Whether or not there should be a jackpot for the two and three-digit lottery would depend on the viewpoints of those concerned. A jackpot might account for 10% of the prize pool, or no less than 100 million baht if the sales of lottery tickets totaled over two billion baht.

Such diversity in the lottery business is designed to keep lottery vendors from overcharging on the prices of lottery tickets. The proposed new lottery and Lotto could become available on a mobile phone Application so that customers could directly buy their tickets at the cost level.