Game over for easy money making drug dealers



With drug related crimes on the rise, police are working hard to eradicate the source of the problem, namely the dealers themselves.


Recently they arrested a small time dealer in the Nong Plalai area,Theerapol Sukhprom and he was able to lead the police to his supplier Kittawit Horasart, who was in possession of 6 grams of Ya Ice and his partner Chawalit Disomnut who had 10 grams of the same drug.

The haul of drugs is documented at the police stationThe haul of drugs is documented at the police station

The three dealers stated that their main customers were local teenagers and that it was an easy way to make money.

Police will no doubt continue tracking down these criminals with similar short-cut cash producing theory in order to hopefully one day wipe out drug use which is highly illegal here in Thailand.


Game over for local drug dealers