Proposition ends in bloodshed



Police were called to a pub at the north end of third road where they found 30 year old Manop Senamit who had been shot twice in the leg.


The police transferred him to the Banglamung hospital to be treated for his injuries, meanwhile they took note of the pool of blood, empty bullet casings and Manop’s pick up that had a bullet hole through one of its windows.

Police capture the hot headed gunmanPolice capture the hot headed gunman

Upon recovering at hospital Manop told the police that he was leaving the pub with his friends and his sister when a Thai man propositioned his sister asking her to spend the night with him.

Manop was disgraced by his rude approach to his sister and asked the man to back off, which he did but then he grabbed a gun out of his car and let off a few rounds, two of which hit Manop in the leg.

Manop was able to give the name of the assailant and a description of him and his vehicle and police were able to catch him at another checkpoint.

The street mafia is escorted by police to the station

In the car were three guns and ammunition whereby the shooter stated that he was merely defending himself.

Hopefully he will now be charged for illegal possession of hand guns, grievous bodily harm and perhaps also work on his chatting up techniques.


Troop of police round up the fleeing pick up driver at a check point

The injured is treated at the hospital and later recovers from the wounds

Proposition ends in bloodshed