Foreign media report King’s birthday speech


BANGKOK, 5 December 2013 Major foreign media agencies have presented their coverage of His Majesty the King’s address to the nation on the occasion of his 86th birthday on 5 December 2013. 

Leading news networks, including CNN and BBC, reported that His Majesty urged Thais to be united during his birthday speech given at Klai Kangwon Palace in Hua Hin where he now lives.

Most of the media publicized the image of thousands of Thai people lining both sides of the road in front of the palace in hope to catch a glimpse of the revered king. The foreign press earlier paid much attention to how His Majesty would react to the ongoing political conflicts, but the king did not directly touch on the issue in his speech.

According to their reports, the political tensions in Thailand were temporarily eased for the sake of HM the King’s birthday celebrations this week. The protests would resume after 5 December, they added.