Bangkok residents make merit to 287 monks to honor His Majesty the King


BANGKOK, 5 December 2013 Bangkok is holding a grand ceremony offering alms to 287 monks in the capital. 

Deputy Bangkok Metropolitan Administration city clerk Ninnat Chalitanon, along with Chairman of the King’s Foundation Dr. Jarin Suankaew, led the public and governmental officials to the ceremony offering alms to 287 monks at Sanam Luang.

The event is held from 30 November – 6 December. A total of 87 monks have been ordained in honor of His Majesty the King, whereas the other 200 have been invited to take part in the auspicious event.

The alms offering ceremony took place before His Majesty’s royal portrait at Bangkok’s City Hall on December 5. Around 4,000 people, including government officials, employees, and the public, showed their reverence to and honored the King by chanting “Long Live the King”.


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