Flashing the flesh sells more crepes in Chiang Mai

Olive says that she likes to dress this way and if it helps to sell more crepes then that’s even better.

A Chiang Mai crepe seller is flashing the flesh to sell more of her butter crepes.

Online users were aflutter Nov. 23 over pictures of the attractive woman in shorts and a sweater fastened with just a single button selling crepes topped with condensed milk, green tea and other items in the Jed Yod area.

The Kod Lum Tokyo Nue Krob Pung Pang Puriye (“delicious crispy butter crepe”) shop located opposite of 147 Avenue in Muang District is owned by Aranya “Olive” Apaiso, 23, who was dressed in skimpy clothes despite the nippy weather.

She claimed to not be flashing the skin to sell crepes, but just because she likes to dress that way.

Aranya said she used to sell teen fashion items like she wears online but found more fortune with eye candy and sweet pancakes.

Only when sales slow to less than 1,500 baht a day does she worry about what people think of her.

Aranya “Olive” Apaiso also has a business selling teen fashion clothing.

In these difficult times, Olive learned how to make butter crepes which is proving to be quite successful.