FAR holds conference for anti-discrimination against HIV patients


CHIANG MAI, 28 August 2015  – The Foundation for AIDS Rights has organized a conference to lessen discrimination of HIV-positive patients on the provincial level.

The Foundation for AIDS Rights (FAR) held a conference today at Tarin Hotel, Chiang Mai Province to develop rights protection, reduce labeling and discrimination among HIV-positive patients.

The FAR’s Deputy Director Jarunee Siripan said on this occasion that this conference was held to review operations, obstacles, and challenges to rights protection mechanism for HIV-Positive patients. The conference also was open to suggestions on this matter to materialize the guidelines for joint operation to further develop the rights protection mechanism at different levels.

She said that labeling and discrimination from the society’s attitude, laws, and policies towards patients are the main obstacles to achieving equality in human rights and respect.

Thailand has received the financial support from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to carry out a campaign to prevent new transmissions of HIV in groups with high potential, namely men who are sexually active with other men or those who are transgender; male and female sex workers; persons who take inject narcotics; immigrant workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia; and prison inmates.