Chiang Mai handicraft pottery is GI registered


CHIANG MAI -The Department of Intellectual Property has described Chiang Mai Celadon as a local-pride handicraft product and a model for other products in Thailand.

Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property, Malee Choklumlerd and reporters were recently invited to see the production of this world class handicraft pottery at “Chiang Mai Celadon” Baan Duangdee, Tambon Papong, Doisaket District, Chiang Mai province. Celadon is registered as a geographical indication or GI and has become a product that signifies Chiang Mai. Its quality and beauty are well-known throughout the world. Over time entrepreneurs took the business from the regional to the international market. Chiang Mai Celadon is classified as Stoneware that has been glazed with wood ash. The term “Celadon” is taken from the French language and indicates a unique Jade – Green colored group of ceramics. It is valuable 17th Buddhist era pottery, originating in the Lanna Kingdom.