PM thanks Thais for showing unity, urges help in rebuilding confidence


BANGKOK, 28 August 2015 – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed appreciation to the Thai people for demonstrating their unity after the recent bomb blast while asking all to help restore confidence among foreign travelers. 

In his televised address to the public this week, Prime Minister Prayut said he was deeply saddened by the August 17th explosion and insisted that constant surveillance of the situation will be necessary. Nonetheless, he expressed thanks to all Thais who have come together to show national unity to the world, adding that it is everyone’s responsibility to pull the nation through this difficult time.

The premier also encouraged the people to act as good hosts to foreign visitors and help project the positive image of Thailand to the international community in a bid to restore confidence.

In the effort to ensure added security in the future, Gen Prayut suggested business establishments and retail stores to contribute by installing extra CCTVs around their premises. The premier also voiced moral support for security units in their investigation of the bombing incident, saying progress is gradually being made.