Fake Credit card gang arrested by the Transnational Coordination Crime Centre


At 2 p.m on the 27th of August police presented a Lithuanian credit card fraudster to the press.

This followed the arrest of another Lithuanian man who had used three fake credit cards to buy quantities of gold at various outlets in Thailand.

This time the police presented the Lithuanian national 24 year old Mr M. Antanas Chieliasukas who had an unbelievable 49 fake credit cards in his possession.

The fraudster is displayed to the press along with his collection of fake credit cards.

Pol. Col. Thai Prasjaksaksatru the Commander of the Second Unit, revealed that an employee from the Kasikorn Bank had informed them that a foreigner had used a fake credit card to purchase gold from a shop in Laemchabang and had fled when the card came back as being fake.

Investigating officers found the man at a room in south Pattaya along with the stash of fake cards which had been cloned from credit cards that had been skimmed in the united states and were used here in Thailand to buy goods illegally.