Police arrest Syrian killer of New Zealand Man


On Saturday the 27th of August the local and National press attended Pattaya police station to record a re-enactment and arrest of the suspected murderer of the New Zealand president of the World Croquet Association Mr. Charles Edmund Jones who was stabbed to death in his room in Jomtien on the 23rd of August.

Mr. Mohamad Shanar Ryad, a 21 year old Syrian national stated that he was an ex commando and that he had first met Mr. Jones who was taking an extended holiday in Thailand on the 19th of August where Mr. Jones had invited him to his condo for some intimate fun.

They met again on the night of the 23rd this time Mr Jones wanted to take their intimacy a bit further and Ryad refused, according to the accused this angered Mr. Jones who threatened him with a knife and even rape.

The killer re-enacts how he murdered the victim.

Mr Jones obviously didn’t realize that he was dealing with an ex-commando whereby Ryad pulled out his own knife and repeatedly stabbed Mr. Jones body and slit his throat.

Ryad said that he then took off his blood-stained shirt and exchanged it for one of the victim’s and then he stole Mr Jones laptop, mobile phone and wristwatch.

Ryad then went to his Thai girlfriends place in Soi Chalermphrakiet.

It is unclear exactly how the police were able to identify Ryad as the murderer although they could tell that Mr Jones had been killed by a skilled knifeman.

The press was told that Ryad had entered Thailand as a refugee due to war in his country and had been traveling between Thailand and Malaysia for four years, recently he had been fired from a restaurant in Pattaya where he had been working as a chef.

Ryad was formally charged with murder and robbery and transferred to the cells awaiting prosecution.