Late night shoplifter arrested at supermarket


A man suspected of shop lifting at Tesco Lotus in North Pattaya at 1:30 in the morning on the 27th of August was detained by the security staff until the police arrived.

The suspect 42 year old Mr. Sman Chaiwathnakul from Chiang Rai who works a tour guide had hidden a number of items in a woman’s shoulder bag including,  car freshener, perfume, facial foam, skin moisturizer and  face cream.

The assortment of ladies beauty products that the man attempted to steal.

The cost of the items came to 2,396 baht and Chaiwathnakul stated that he knew nothing about the theft and that a female tourist had asked him to hold her bag.

However the security guard confirmed that the suspect had not only secreted the items in the bag but had also removed the bar codes prior to going through the checkout, the guard apprehended the man after he failed to take the items out of the bag at the checkout.

The man has now been charged by the police and awaits his penalty from the court in Pattaya.