Facebook fraudster steal from ‘friend’


People aren’t always who they seem to be and that was the case with 23 year old Chinathip Namwongwiriya who befriended a 32 year old Chaiwat Kritsana on facebook which in turn ended up with the police being called.

Chaiwat said Chinathip had told him that he was junior university student and was doing an assignment on Pattaya and needed a place to stay.

The ‘friend’ hangs his head in shame at the deception.The ‘friend’ hangs his head in shame at the deception.

Chaiwat who has a good job and a room in Pattaya was happy to help out his new friend, however after inviting Chinathip to his room he found that when he went to the bathroom, Chinathip stole his a computer notebook, 1,500 baht cash, and his mobile phone.

However Chinathip didn’t get far and was detained by Chaiwat’s neighbors until the police arrived.

Chinathip confessed to the robbery stating that he was desperate for money and intended to sell the phone and the laptop.

Facebook fraudster steal from ‘friend’