Experience white-water rafting fun in Phitsanulok’s Khek River, central Thailand

From July to mid-October, an over 8-km long stretch of the Khek River offers rafting thrills boasting rapids of easy to difficult levels.

For those tourists looking for some adventurous white-water rafting fun – a trip to the Khek River in Phitsanulok Province is definitely one of the best choices in Thailand.

Known as one of the most popular white-water rafting routes in Thailand, the Khek River originates in the Phetchabun Mountains and flows through Thung Salaeng Luang National Park and the famous waterfalls in Phitsanulok’s Wang Thong District – Namtok Sidit and Namtok Kaeng Sopha – on its way to joining with the Nan River in Bang Krathum District.

White-water rafting on the Khek River can be experienced from July through to the first or second week of October. The starting point is typically in Wang Thong District along an over 8-km stretch of river that features 18 rapids and offers varying difficulty from Levels 1 to 5. The rafting trip takes up to three hours to complete depending on the water level.

Along the course of the white-water rafting route, the different rapids to be navigated through range from relatively easy – allowing the rafters to practice manoeuvring their rubber boat and getting a feel for the water – to challenging – with fast-flowing currents and tumultuous waters which require rafting experience.

The rafting trip takes up to three hours to complete depending on the water level.

Along with the white-water rafting action, the route along the Khek River makes its way through lush tropical countryside adding to the overall experience.

Situated in the lower region of Northern Thailand, Phitsanulok is around 370 kilometres north of Bangkok. A number of resorts in nearby Khao Kho District of Phetchabun Province offer white-water rafting on the Khek River to guests during this rainy season period, usually in a full-day tour.

Kindly note that rafting on the Khek River may be closed by overflow due to continuous heavy rain, and will only be allowed when the water is at a level considered safe for rafting. Tourists are advised to check for more information in advance by contacting the TAT Phitsanulok Office on Tel. +66 (0) 5525 2742-3, +66 (0) 5525 9907, or e-mail: [email protected].