Evacuation centers provided for the disabled


BANGKOK, 31 October 2011  – Mr Sumet Ponkacha, Coordinator of the Flood Relief Center for People with Disabilities and Their Families under the auspices of the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities said that the center will help take flood-affected handicapped people out of the inundated zones of Bangkok to evacuation centers in other provinces.

According to Mr Sumet, while some government and private units have offered to take care of disabled elderly people and their families in Pattaya, Chon Buri, his center is compiling the information in order to find suitable means to assist the disabled evacuees.

After the flood situation in Bangkok has become uncontrollable, the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities sets up the coordination center to provide suitable shelters for every type of disabled people and their families. Its branch in central Pattaya has a capacity of accommodating around 300 evacuees. Disabled people who are in need of help can call 08-6843-1205.