Special Report: 10 healthcare tips during flooding period


Dr Malinee Sukvechvorakij, Deputy Governor of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said Bangkok Health Department has summarized flood victims’s health conditions and healthcare problems.

The department, thus, urges the people to take care of their health during flooding period with these 10 healthcare tips, as followed.

1. Constantly keep your body clean, especially your feet. After getting in contact with floodwater, you should wash your hands with soap and dry them. Also keep your hands clean by frequently washing them or using the hand gel.

2. In case of wading into the water, wear boots and apply ointment in order to prevent Athlete’s foot. Carry long stick and intermittently hit the water to keep the poisonous animals away.

3. Be careful not to let the water get into your eyes for prevention of conjunctivitis.

4. Keep the utensil clean to prevent the gastronomical diseases.

5. Chose to eat healthy food. If there are bad smell or rancid, you should avoid the food.

6. Keep the children away from the flooding areas.

7. When having flu or conjunctivitis, you should isolate yourself in order to prevent the infection from others. Frequently washing hands and wearing hygiene mask are also advisable.

8. In case of any electrical leakage, if the flood reaches plugs, it is necessary to cut off the electrical supply.

9. Sandbags are to be used to close the lavatory for preventing the reflux. Using the 2nd floor toilet or using bags as a temporary toilet, keep the wastes and dispose them later after the flood reduces. You can put lime or EM first.

10. Practise stress reduction by talking to yourself, listening to the music and working on correct breathing.