Eleven PAD leaders & activists indicted over airport closure after 4-year delay


BANGKOK, 29 March 2013  11 more members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have been indicted on the charge of closing down Bangkok’s two airports in 2008. 

The 11 PAD members include the second-generation PAD leader Sarunyu Wongkrachang, the director of ASTV channel Surawit Weerawan, the PAD leader and ASTV presenter Sarocha Pornudomsak, and the PAD leader and Manager Online columnist Panthep Puapongpan.

The 11 indicted are the second batch of the 31 PAD leaders and protesters indicted earlier this month for a similar charge. The indictment came four years after the PAD occupied two of Bangkok’s airports in late 2008.

The court has accepted the case, and the first hearing session is scheduled to take place on April 29.