Education Ministry’s website hacked for the 102nd time


BANGKOK, 29 March 2013  The website of the Education Minister has been hacked, for the 102nd time. 

Late on Thursday night, the Education Ministry’s website showed a large black banner featuring a white skull and a message reading: “We are the new generation. Please teach us what we can use in the future, and not only how to do exams.”

The banner was reported to be first seen around 1am on Friday. Around 2am on the same day, it appeared to have been removed.

The Education Ministry has been hacked 102 times, including the latest one. In September last year, a hacker posted a banner on its website featuring the message: “Do you even know what you term ‘volunteer spirit’ means? It’s useless. Now this is my ‘volunteer spirit’, an attempt to make this country a better place.”