Elderly American commits suicide


At 5.40 am on April 17th 76 year old Anong Tintachart reported death of her husband at her house in Soi Paniadchang, central Pattaya.

At the house the police found the body of a 78 year old American Gerhard Habel in the kitchen.

Around his neck was a 1 meter long shoelace it was covered in blood and the other end of it was tied to a shelf.

Police inspected the man’s passport and found that he traveled from Singapore to Thailand in 1980 and that he had never renewed his visa, therefore was residing in Thailand illegally for over 31 years.

Anong said when she woke up her husband was not in the bedroom. She walked to the kitchen and found that he had hanged himself.

She told police that she couldn’t think why he wanted to take his own life.

The man’s body was transferred to Banglamung hospital for forensic examination.


Elderly American commits suicide