Alcohol abuse suspected in death of British national



A 69 year old British man named Mr. George Francis Clarke was found dead in his apartment room in central Pattaya.

No signs of physical attack were on his body and the police have determined no signs of foul play.


Sawang Boriboon foundation personnel ascertained that he had been dead for about five hours and they arranged for the corpse to be transferred to Police hospital’s forensic department.

The police found a number of opened bottles of Hong Thong Thai whiskey in the room.

The maid said the Brit had been renting the room for about 3 months and had a daily habit of drinking whiskey.

She had knocked on the door to get in for a daily clean up but there was no response.

She opened the door with her master key and was shocked to see Mr. Clarke dead on the bed with blood around his mouth.

Police believed the man had taken too much alcohol and had suffered heart failure.


Alcohol abuse suspected in death of British national