EHIA studies bog down Thai-Chinese high-speed train project


The Thai-Chinese high-speed train project has bogged down because the project has failed the environmental and health impacts assessment studies, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Friday.


The project is just a part of the 20-year massive infrastructure development programe which encompasses 20 projects which cost an estimated 1.4 trillion baht in investments.

The programme is separated into four phases each take five years of implementation.

Of the 20 projects, the prime minister said that 16 of them have commenced. He added that he wanted all the projects of all the four phases to start simultaneously so that they can connect with one another more effectively rather than waiting for the four phases to start one after the other.

The prime minister has asked the Transport Ministry to explain to the public the Thai-Chines high-speed train project is divided into four sections and not just one section in Klang Dong area.


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