Petchaburi municipal area to return to normal next week


Water level in the Petchaburi river is expected to drop below its banks on Saturday and flood situation in Petchaburi township will become normal in the next three days after four days of flooding, according to the forecast of the provincial irrigation unit.


Vice mayor Mr Polayuth Angkinant said that the flooding in the municipal area was totally unexpected. He noted that the municipal area was spared from flooding even though huge amount of water, up to 600 cubic metres/second, was discharged from the Pet dam.

The flood this time stemmed from the completion of the construction of floodwall in Cha-am, Ban Lat and Tha Yang districts, preventing water runoffs from flowing into the districts but, instead, gushing into the municipality, he said, adding that municipal officials will meet with irrigation officials to discuss how to prevent the township from being inundated in the future.

Mr Polayuth expressed concern that the flood situation in the township would get worse if there are more rains next week.