EC believes senatorial elections on 30 March will run smoothly


BANGKOK 10 March 2014  Election Commission (EC) Chief Supachai Somcharoen has said he believes the coming senatorial elections, to be held on March 30, will run smoothly. 

According to Mr. Supachai, the senatorial election process is progressing relatively smoothly and no problems were reported during the registration days; from March 4 to 8.

The EC will start examining the qualifications of those who have registered for the race, as it has received complaints that some applicants are reportedly holding local administrative positions, which may violate Section 115 Paragraph 9 of the constitution.

In regard to the new election day for the 14 southern provinces, Mr. Supachai stated that the election could be held on April 5 at the earliest. As for requests for the agency to hold the general election on the same day as the senatorial election, Mr. Supachai said that it would not be possible, as the EC would like to finish the senatorial election first.