Details of draft charter amendment requests in line with expectations


BANGKOK, 1 June 2015 – Much of the details of the draft charter amendment requests submitted by the National Reform Council and the Cabinet of Ministers are in line with the Constitutional Drafting Committee’s expectations, according to CDC chief advisor Prasopsuk Boondej.

According to Mr. Prasopsuk, most of the revisions sought by the NRC and the Cabinet involve newly included topics such as the electoral system, Senate recruitment and non-parliamentarian prime minister. He added that CDC members already started discussing each of the topics that prompted the revision requests. He also disclosed that the CDC would again hear out the explanations for the requests of revision this week.

Mr. Prasopsuk added that every topic within a revision request submitted will be considered with equal weight, regardless of whether the request was made by the NRC, the Cabinet, a political party, an agency or the public.