NRC to deliberate reforms of natural resources & disaster management


BANGKOK, 1 June 2015 – The National Reform Council (NRC) will meet on Tuesday to deliberate a report from its subcommittee dealing with natural resources and disaster management in response to global warming.

NRC president Thienchay Kiranandana has scheduled a meeting of NRC members on Tuesday in order for them to deliberate the report from its subcommittee for the reform of natural resources and environment, chaired by Pramote Maiklad.

For the 25th reform agenda, the reform of natural resources management, which suggested reforms include increasing capability of natural resources and environment management via the creation of a balance between conservation and exploitation of resources; maintaining good environmental quality by implementing a system to cycle environmentally-friendly materials; structural reforms of organizations and laws that deal with management of natural resources and environment; and the fostering of equality within environment-related justice processes.

For the 26th reform agenda, management of natural disasters due to global warming, the subcommittee proposed the creation and implementation of strategies to raise awareness and the level of participation among the public. The subcommittee proposed that the state establishes a clear policy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emission, and place more emphasis on alternative energy and energy conservation. It also proposed that incentives be offered for businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emission. Lastly, the subcommittee called for a reform of the National Disaster Warning Center.