Deputy Minister of Transport delivers work policy to AEROTHAI


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Deputy Minister of Transport, Thaworn Senneam, has delivered his work policy to Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (AEROTHAI) on the theme of “Connecting Thailand, Connecting the World”. The policy focuses on aviation safety to support the increasing number of tourists using its services.


The Deputy Minister of Transport said, after delivering his work policy and observing the operations of AEROTHAI, that as air travel increases in popularity, it is essential that people are confident about their safety. The “Connecting Thailand, Connecting the World” policy focuses on eight aspects, such as air traffic management efficiency and maintaining service standards. The agency has to become a leader in air traffic control in Asia by enhancing its systems, equipment and communication tools. AEROTHAI has to improve its aeronautical information services, facilitate the work of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and be prepared to deal with emergency situations.

The Deputy Minister of Transport said aviation safety is a priority, while Thailand will be among the world’s top 10 air traffic control operations in the future. Air traffic control operations in Thailand are as modern as the those in China and South Korea. To attract more tourists and boost their confidence, airports, flights, tourist destinations and food must be safe.

Mr. Thaworn also said the Betong Airport in the southern border province of Yala will open for commercial flights this June.