Culture Minister invites Thais to partake in Buddhism Promotion Week


BANGKOK, July 2015 – The Ministry of Culture is encouraging all Buddhist Thais to join in the Buddhism Promotion Week .

Culture Minister Weera Rojpotchanarat announced that the Department of Religious Affairs is cooperating with concerned organizations, Sangha networks and the private sector in organizing the Buddhism Promotion Week during July 26-31. The campaign will coincide with Asanha Bucha Day and Buddhist Lent Day which will arrive at the end of this month.

The minister extended his invitation to all devout Buddhists, both in Bangkok and the provinces, to observe the occasion by practicing Dharma principles, donning white and going to temples to join candle-lit processions. People are also encouraged to abstain from all vices during the Buddhism Promotion Week and the Buddhist Lent period and decorate their homes and offices with the Dharmachakra flag.

Many special activities will be made available for public members, including trips to temples along Bangkok Noi Canal and Maha Sawat Canal as well as an orchid plantation and local communities. Similar activities were also held last year and, besides the purpose of making merit, they were found to help generate income for residents and promote cultural learning.