Reservations for Ban Yang Yuen housing units to commence on August 28


BANGKOK, July 2015 – The National Housing Authority (NHA) has announced it will on August 28 start taking reservations for units within the 239 “Ban Yang Yuen” housing projects.

According to NHA governor Krishda Raksakul, the Ban Yang Yuen projects, which comprise projects with single homes as well as condominiums, are geared toward low-income people. The prices for those housing units start at between 230,000 baht and 500,000 baht. Buyers will need to put down just 1,000 baht upon reservation, and the monthly installment starts at just 1,500 baht. The NHA will also be seeking out offers of special interest rates from financial institutes for the buyers who will take out mortgage loans.

The NHA will take reservations for units within the Ban Yang Yuen projects during August 28 and September 6. Purchase of the units will be limited to households that earn no more than 40,000 baht per month.