Corrections dept insists Erawan shrine bombing suspect was not beaten up


The Corrections Department has dismissed a claim by Erawan shrine bombing suspect Ardem Karadag that he was beaten up while in prison and said that his act in front of the Criminal Court on Tuesday was intended to grab the attention of the media and human rights groups.

Acting chief of the Corrections Department and deputy justice permanent secretary Kobkiat Kasiwiwat told the Press on Wednesday that the director of the prison’s hospital had thoroughly examined Karadag’s body and didn’t find any traces that would prove that he was tortured or beaten up while in custody at Bangkok special prison.

Karadag complained about food in prison claiming that he was denied halal Muslim food. He also wanted to be transferred from Bangkok special prison to other prison.

However, Mr Kobkiat said that Muslim food was cooked in prison for Karadag and his Uighur accomplice, Mieraili Yusufu.