Picnic in the Park raises over 14k baht for Father Ray Children’s Home


The fifth Picnic in the Park took place recently at the Father Ray Children’s Home, and raised more than fourteen thousand baht for the Home’s Education Fund.

The first event took place in 2011 and this annual event is organised by The Regents School and is used as a showcase for all the talented musicians and dancers that attend the school; the event didn’t take place last year as the Home was celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary.

There were rock bands, boy bands, rappers, ballet dancers, groups of dancers, individual dancers, Thai boxers as well as instrumentalists, including a wonderful performance by one young lady who played a traditional Chinese harp like instrument called the guzheng.

All plugged in a raring to go.

Apart from the music and dancing there was also a bouncy castle, a small train ride and a stall selling delicious burgers and hot-dogs.

Unfortunately the event had to finish early, much to the disappointment of all those who had spent many hours rehearsing, as the clouds got darker and nearer until the thunder became louder than the music.

As the boys from the Home boxed, the girls danced.

Using electric guitars and plugged in speakers and amplifiers in a downpour is dangerous, and as the first drops started to fall and everyone ran for cover, that was the end of the entertainment for another year. However, the rain did make sliding down the bouncy castle much more fun.

The next Picnic in the Park will be held in 2017, and all we can hope for is that the rain stays away.

No one gained entry without making a donation.

Pattaya’s answer to One Direction.

The boys from the Children’s Home gave an exhibition of Muay Thai.

The burgers and hot-dogs were delicious.

The classical music was exquisite.

There is a lot of talent at Regents School.

This is one young lady who certainly knows how to dance.

The bouncy castle was great fun, especially after the rains.