Chulalongkorn University announces success in battle against leukemia


Bangkok – The Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University (CU), in cooperation with Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society and the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences, has succeeded treating leukemia patients with ‘natural killer cells’.

Dr. Koramit Suphaphiphat, who leads the immunotherapy research team at Chulalongkorn University, explained that natural killer cells are usually very rare in the blood and their production needs to be stimulated and number increased in order to achieve a highly efficient natural treatment protocol for patients.

There are five patients participating in the current project who all have or had acute leukemia of the myeloid type. The patients are being treated with natural killer cells from donors. One of the five who received the treatment has now been clear of leukemia for one year. The research team is monitoring the symptoms of the other four patients.

In the next step, the research team will continue the project to study and enhance the efficacy of the treatment as natural killer cells can treat only certain types of cancer.