Preparations underway for attendees at royal coronation


Bangkok – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has confirmed that conveniences including food, drinks, lodging and toilets will be provided for attendees to the historic coronation ceremonies next month.

In cooperation with varied associations and network organizations, six royally-granted kitchens will open to some 160,000 to 200,000 people expected to attend the coronation, plus 28 other spots on the perimeters.

A total of 80 tanks of water and 350,000 bottles of water will be provided at the BMA’s six food spots, plus another 90 other areas in the vicinity. The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority will provide 300,000 cups and glasses for drinking water, plus eight trucks of drinking water during the coronation.

Lodging units will be provided for 1,000 people at Keelavet 1 and Keelavet 2 stadiums. Two mobile toilets will be installed in the vicinity of each food spot. A total of 48 mobile toilets will be provided, plus another 29 mobile toilets on stand-by.

During the land procession in Phra Nakhon inner area from Ratchabophit temple to Phra Chetuphon temple, additional royally-granted kitchens will be provided at Larn Khon Muang and the Museum Siam grounds.

The BMA and relevant agencies are scheduled to conduct a Big Cleaning Day in Phra Nakhon inner area as part of the preparations for the coronation on April 26 from 08.00 a.m. Residents in nearby areas are encouraged to clean their houses. The landscape improvement has been largely carried out with a lighting system and will be entirely completed by April 30.