Chiang Mai zoo welcomes a red kangaroo as a new resident


CHIANG-MAI, 11 May 2015 – Chiang Mai Zoo has just welcomed a Red Kangaroo as a new member of the zoo family.

The zoo has had success in breeding the red kangaroo species from Australia.

The red kangaroos’ caretaker has reported that the 10 year old mother kangaroo has a joey inside her pouch but it remains unseen and so far, only it’s legs have been sticking out of the pouch. The gender of the baby joey is still unknown since the mother kangaroo remains very protective of her new arrival. However from observation, the joey seems to be healthy and fit.

Nowadays, the zoo has four young red kangaroos, the first of which was born on August 22nd 2014.

The zoo will now hold a naming competition for the baby red kangaroo while visitors are invited to come see all four red kangaroos now enjoying life at the Chiang Mai Zoo.