7,900 million Thai Baht injected to drive 2016 cultural policy


BANGKOK, 11 May 2015 – The Culture Ministry has been allocated a budget of THB7,900 million in Fiscal 2016, an increase of around THB900 million from last year, to drive five main strategic plans.

Minister of Culture Weera Rotephotchanarat said the strategy was meant to utilize the country’s cultural capital to create income for communities and finally bring economic stability to the country.

The 2016 strategic plans comprise firstly, the promotion of Thailand’s roles in the ASEAN Community, secondly the development of southern border provinces, followed by increasing incomes in the tourism and service sectors, devising anti-corruption plans in the government sector and lastly preserving, promoting and developing religions, art and cultures.

Minister Weera said the information and communication technology and work integration between the public and private sectors would be boosted in implementing those strategies, to ensure that every project was conducted with transparency.