Chiang Mai teacher shot dead in gold shop incident


CHIANG MAI, 6 June 2014,  – Chiang Mai Provincial officials report that a man has been shot dead by the owner of the Yaowaratruamchoke Gold Shop in an attempted robbery at the venue in Muang District.

The man, later identified as Sakon Kunjana, was a physical education instructor from a famous school in the area. The wife of the alleged robber, told the police that her husband had a huge debt caused by his addiction to gambling on soccer matches.

According to the gold shop owner Chawalit Chin-Anukulpong, the assailant visited the shop early yesterday morning while the owner was preparing to open his establishment, saying he assumed that the visitor was one of his employees and was taken by surprise when Mr. Sakon rushed in and hit him repeatedly with a hammer. Mr. Chawalit managed to break free from the man’s attack and was able to snatch his sidearm from behind the counter. The gold shop owner then shot Mr. Sakon three times in the chest, killing the man.

The authorities pointed out that the would be robber was well prepared for the crime, based on their observation of video from CCTV cameras which captured the slain man’s behavior prior to the assault. An investigation is now in progress to find out if there is a connection between Mr. Sakon and robberies at Maechanpetch and Thanakorn gold shops.