Bomb components seized in Yala


YALA, 6 June 2014  – Officials in Yala Province yesterday morning were able to locate and arrest 3 men suspected of being involved in separatism and numerous explosive components, communication devices, electronics parts, and other suspicious items at a house in Muang District.

The three suspects were identified as Mr. Maruwan Salae, Mr. Maleepeng Malee, and Mr. Ayu Mae. Initial investigations revealed that the house belonged to Mr. Isaho Yako, who still denied any link with the men and the weapons found in his home.

Nonetheless officials have collected DNA samples from the trio for further examination, and conducted additional inquiry on Mr. Maruwan and Mr. Maleepeng. The officials admitted both suspects did not give any useful information, but they believed that the house was used as the site for bomb assembling before an attack in the municipality of Yala.

Meanwhile, a combined force in Yala is on the lookout for stolen motorcycles and a Toyota VIGO pickup truck suspected to be used in carrying improvised explosive device for use in possible future attacks in the Yala municipality.

The Officials also urged local people to immediately inform them of any suspicious individual and object, in order to prevent a terrorist attack.