Cambodia congratulates new Thai cabinet


PHNOM PENH, Sept 1 — The Cambodian government on Monday congratulated the new Thai cabinet and pointed out that Thailand’s national administration by the military resulted in work flexibility and that Thai-Cambodian ties are strong.

The expression from Cambodia happened during the official visit to the neighboring country by Thailand’s Chief of Defence Forces Gen Thanasak Patimaprakorn and his delegation today.

Gen Thanasak is also a deputy prime minister and the foreign affairs minister.

On the occasion Gen Thanasak informed the Cambodian government of the necessity of the May 22 military action to seize administrative power in Thailand by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

The explanation was part of his delegation’s discussion with the delegation of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Tea Banh.

Gen Thanasak said that the NCPO had to take action to protect the democracy and economy of Thailand and prevent a civil war that would otherwise also affect other Southeast Asian nations.

The recent visit to Thailand by Gen Tea Banh meant the highest moral support from a true friend and was equivalent to the care of a family, Gen Thanasak said.

Thailand is implementing the second stage of its national reform roadmap, that is the formation of the new cabinet for national administration.

Gen Tea Banh congratulated the new cabinet ministers who joined the trip to Cambodia.

He also sent a letter to extend his congratulations to Gen Prawit Wongsuwon, the NCPO’s chief adviser, for being appointed as a deputy prime minister overseeing security affairs and the defence minister.

“It is a good opportunity for the military to administer the country because it can solve problems quickly with military techniques. This is particularly the case of solutions to Cambodian workers’ problems that could be achieved within a short time,” Gen Tea Banh said.

He also assured that the Cambodian government would not let any anti-NCPO group operate in Cambodia.

Gen Tea Banh also expressed his concern about mass media reports that both countries developed a conflict.

He said actually they always had mutual understanding and cooperated well.