Suan Dusit Poll: Military-dominated cabinet could suppress corruption


BANGKOK, Sept 1 —  A majority of Thai people believe a military-dominated government of Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, could help lower corruption in Thailand and eradicate social divisiveness, according to the Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll conducted by Suan Dusit Ratchabhat University among 1,446 people nationwide last Thursday, Friday and Saturday found that four our of five respondents — 81.95 per cent — agreed that malpractice would decrease while slightly fewer — 80.57 per cent — said social divisiveness would disappear.

The respondents were asked for their opinions regarding advantages of Thailand’s having a cabinet of non-politicians.

The poll also found that 77.59 per cent of the respondents believed the interim cabinet would give an opportunity for new faces to work for the country.

According to the poll, 85.48 per cent of the respondents said the military-dominated administration could help restore peace in the country, while 81.12 per cent said work by the cabinet would be efficient and 75.1 per cent cited speedy decision-making.

When asked about disadvantages of the military-dominated cabinet, 81.19 per cent of the respondents cited a possible lack of personnel with experience in national administration, while 71.09 per cent agreed that the new cabinet ministers would not understand the real problems faced by the people.

Some three out of four respondents — 78.42 per cent — also said the military-dominated cabinet would cause a negative national image in the eyes of international community, according to the poll.