Cabinet approved TOR to bolster water management plan in Thailand


BANGKOK, 12 June 2012 -The Cabinet has today approved in principle the draft of the Terms of Reference (TOR), which determines how Thailand is to manage its water resources; the TOR is expected to be completed early next year. 

Science and Technology Minister Mr. Prodprason Surasawadi said that the National Water Resources and Flood Policy Committee (NWFPC) has sought an approval from the Cabinet for the draft of the TOR to be implemented. Both Thai and foreign companies specializing in water management will be selected, according to him, and then invited to help to lay out a sustainable management plan.

A selected company, however, will have to abide by His Majesty the King’s instructions on water management and the guidelines set forth by the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM).The application process will begin within one month. Contending companies will have 3 months to draft their plans before the government will spend another month deliberating whose plan is the most effective.