Insurance Commission supervises “The Financial Services Commission” of Korea


BANGKOK, 12 June 2012 – Mr. Pravech Ongartsittikul, Secretary of Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and Mr. Seok-Dong Kim, President of FSC yesterday signed an agreement on “Cooperation in International Insurance Supervision”.

Mr. Pravech has said that the purpose of this agreement is to promote insurance business supervision between Thailand and Korea, and also to share information between the two sides. Furthermore, the agreement also provides help in academic matter, especially for those insurance personnel who lack efficiency.

There was also a lecture on the topic of “Lessons and Experiences from Korean Insurance Business”, given by Mr. Dae-sik Kim himself. An audience of over 200 attended the lecture.

Mr. Pravech added that the content of the lecture was very knowledgeable and informative, given people learn from exchanging each other’s experience in terms of knowledge and new technology that can be applied to insurance business for stability and prosperity.