Beach bench vendors giving space for sex get harsh warning by city hall



As usual at city hall there has been many meeting this week, one of which was with members from the city’s beach bench and umbrella group.


Deputy mayor Ronakit Ekasingh chaired the meeting where he said he wanted to see beach business operators to strictly obey the regulations since visitors are still complaining about public area intrusion by the operators.

Ronakit said first time offenders would be given a warning after which they would be fined 500 baht and could face 7 days temporary closure. Repeat offenders may be closed down completely.

Beach vendors take heed of the warnings at city hallBeach vendors take heed of the warnings at city hall

Pattaya City council member Sanit Boonmachai told the members that an investigation showed that some operators were allegedly stacking up their benches to build up a temporary room enough to block the lewd sights from onlookers for some Thai ladies and lady boys to offer sexual services to their customers on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches.

He added that some also set the space up as a gambling hideout at night.

He pleaded that the police should be aware of this kind of behavior as it wasn’t only immoral it was also illegal.


Beach bench vendors given harsh warning by city hall