Two Kyrgyzstan tourists get busted for drug possession



Police stopped two Kyrgyzstan tourists on their motorbike at a checkpoint and found that they were carrying a pack of marijuana.


One of the tourists confessed that the pack belonged to him which he bought for 500 baht from a dealer in walking street.

The tourists may not have known that marijuana is illegal here in Thailand and that the police have zero tolerance when it comes to drugs.

The tourists were transferred to the police station for further investigation and will no doubt be charged with illegal possession.

The small amount of marijuana that wil lead to a convictionThe small amount of marijuana that will lead to a conviction

Police have been doing a number of sting operations regarding drug use and dealing in town, perhaps they should focus on walking street where drugs are openly on sale, why should the tourist get busted when the real criminals are the Thais who are making a living selling illegal narcotics.

And what are the tourist police and police volunteers doing about this kind of behavior which is affecting the image of our city and spoiling the holiday makers who are simply here to enjoy themselves.

If more check points were set up at the walking street, may be we could see more similar behavior tourists and drug dealers busted and there were no needs for other on duty police to stand around at various check points around town and no extra funds should be set up to accommodate the overtime payment for the officers.


Two tourists get busted for drug possession